Company in brief

The story of  true color of melange

Amarjothi produces good quality color melange yarn for hosiery, woven and home textiles. Amarjothi has established itself as house hold name in the melange yarn industry the world over. Our undisputed reputation stems from our unflinching dedication to give you the highest quality, exclusive and diverse clothing options and unmatched customer service.

Inspired by the fine art of yarn making, Amarjothi brings you melange yarn that's crafted to perfection. It is embedded with the right spectrum of color melange of any count/shade/quantity to cater to the exacting buyer’s requirement. Amarjothi, the no-compromise name for impeccable quality of melange yarn. The Company believes that Quality is one of the most important facets of the brand value.

The Amarjothi Spinning Mills situated at Nambiyur is an eclectic mix of dynamism and functionality. The brand mantra of "any count, any shade, any quantity, excellent quality" permeates through the sprawling premises. Amarjothi, having a reputation for perfection, has the most consistent systematic clean room practices in the industry with a quality conscious team, ISO Certifications and Organic Certification that also meets international Oeko-Tex standards of spinning and dyeing.