At our Pilot sample plant, we develop 100 new shades everyday and produce around 300 samples per day. The sampling unit has a capacity to manufacture 5 to 50 kgs of samples. This is the only unit to offer photoshoot samples for our esteemed customers.

The Web Matching area is where the exactitude of the shade required by the customer is produced with different color combinations of fibre.

At the gigantic warehouse which houses the cotton godown, dyed cotton godown and synthetic fibre godown, computer interfaced weighing and bar coding helps identify and stock raw materials in a proper layout.

The cotton is issued to the Mixing Department to produce effervescent colors of fibre that are akin to Nature.

The Mixing Department is equipped to handle from 50 kgs to 100 tons at any given time, and after receiving fibres from the godown, auto blending machines blend the individual varieties of fibres with correct weight to produce the resultant color using computerized mixing systems.

Then the fibre is stocked for conditioning.

In the bowels of the Blow Room, the mixed fibre is fed into lap and chute feeding machines for further mixing, fibre opening and cleaning with an Automatic continuous waste evacuation system in place, the lap form output is obtained.

The Carding Room, with its latest autoleveller and high production carding machines, ensures further fibre cleaning and removal of neps from the material that is fed.

Waste removal is done with automatic waste evacuation system. It is here that the lap form is converted into sliver form.