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Eco friendly & Certifications

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Eco friendly

To create sustainable clothing, one need to ensure that chemicals used are least damaging and maximum use of natural materials is done, from fiber to the finished goods stage. Also, in the process of manufacturing, it is necessary to aim at minimal use of energy till the final stage. Shifting from regular cotton to organic cotton has helped in maintaining the human and natural surroundings to be free from chemicals. In addition natural and easily revived fibre like viscose from bamboo involves less energy.

Water Waste treatment plant

The ECO-FRIENDLY RO Plant proves beyond doubt that the Company believes in the cause to save our environment by adapting innovative strategies from time to time, adhering to government and standard of the international buyers.

Quality Compliances

Amarjothi, having a reputation for perfection, has the most consistent systematic clean room practices in the industry with a quality conscious team, ISO Certifications and Organic Certification that also meets international Oeko-Tex standards of spinning and dyeing.

Stringent inspection

Amarjothi strives to maintain a uniform quality that is incomparable and only the best melange yarn makes its journey to the customerthrough stringent Inspection and Quality Control.

Cone Check

UV Lamps are used for accurate checking, proper identification and labeling.The cones are individually weighed, checked for contamination, shade variations and passed.


The no-compromise name for impeccable quality of melange yarn. The Company believes that Quality is one of the most important facets of the brand value.